Dear customers and friends, due to the extraordinary circumstances in which we find ourselves, in which we all have to be responsible, our Online store is still open and you can continue to place your orders, which we will send you home once this situation passes. With an extra love!


  • The Online Store is still OPEN
  • Shipments will be made when all this happens
  • We extend the return period: 60 days


I wanted to take the opportunity to share a reflection with all of you, who every day are on the other side of the screen sending your love. This moment is going to be historic. In a few years, in schools, teachers will tell children that we live in a situation in which we each had the opportunity to make the best of ourselves, to live in solidarity, with empathy, in which we stayed at home for the collective good. In which every night we went to applaud the people who are working at the windows. Because dear friends, we are going to stop the virus, but not love.

Take advantage every day, all of you who have the opportunity to work from home, to reflect, to listen to music or read that book that you have not yet started. Also to have the opportunity to enjoy quality time with your family: to help your children, nephews or grandchildren to study in the living room, to show them the photos from when you were little, to make these delicious cookies with them or to leave them Give your partner a little note on their computer screen to wish them a good day. Do not forget your pets either, they will also appreciate an extra affection. Let's take advantage to value everything we have and that many times, due to the rhythm of the day to day, we do not do.

For all those people who are in your jobs: toilets, pharmacies, public services, supermarkets, transporters ... THANK YOU. You are the true heroes of this story. For all the people that this situation is being complicated: I send you all my love and support.

Thank you all for your understanding. A big hug!

Anekke and Towanda